Robert Rutherfoord

My son and me


Commercial Photo Editor

The manipulation of photography as a visual medium to convey intent, emotion, and wonder has been my passion for the past 15 years.

My work as a photo editor has given me access to the greatest photographers in Chicago. They have entrusted me to add something to their work which was unachievable with the camera alone. For the past 15 years I have worked on international ad campaigns through Leo Burnett, Edelman, Burrell, BBDO, Marketing Support, and many other production studios, to use photography as means to convey powerful messages.

Robert Rutherfoord
Chicago, IL
P: (520) 390-9340          


University of Arizona

2001 – 2004

Graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Fine-Art (BFA) in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography. My time spent at the School of Fine Art was in a darkroom, and in front of Photoshop, combining film processes with digital imagery. This blending created unique digital imagery on traditional photographic media.

Work Experience

JS Graphics, Inc.

2005 – 2020
Photo Editor

At JS Graphics, I worked with the top ad agencies and photographers in Chicago as a Staff Photo Editor, working on national ad campaigns for Pepsi, Coke, Nintendo, Samsung, Hershey’s, Conagra Brands, KFC, UnderArmor, Whirlpool, Tide, Crest, Wolverine Boots, and more, creating imagery for products to go live to market.

Performed Tasks & Duties

  • Using Photoshop to alter and edit photography to final market usage
  • File Management & NAS Backups
  • Client Engagement – working with Art Directors to achieve final product
  • Customer Engagement – working with Photographers to plan best practices during photo-shoots
  • Coordination & Prioritization of project workflow and timing
  • Managing Proofing Systems for print ready outputs
  • Software Acquisition needed for future growth and project completion


  • Adobe Creative Suite Proficiency (Expertise Level in Photoshop)
  • Proven ability for past 15 years to deliver consistent & quality work in complex projects
  • Demonstrated success in fashion, branding, lifestyle, non-profit, public-sector & pharmaceutical areas
  • Time Management & Project Prioritization/Allocation
  • Aptitude for understanding vision of the project and best practices to achieve final goal
  • CMYK & RGB Workflows
  • PMS Color Matching